I have improved the OS/2 (NDIS2) driver for Realtek 8139-network interface cards. Now runs together with the cbenable-package also with CardBus variants of the card. Because the vendors seldonly tell what chips they use, here is a list of known cards, used Ethernet-IDs and some hints..


Manufacturers/Vendors of the PCI card

Should be no problem to find a card. market share above 50%?
Accton EN1207D/EN2242A Series PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter
Acer Inc ALN-325 Fast Ethernet Adapter
Allied Telesyn International AT-2500 Fast Ethernet Adapter
Aopen Inc ALN-325C Fast Ethernet Adapter
ASUSTeK Computer Inc L2 Series Notebooks integrated NIC
Belkin F5D5000 PCI Card/Desktop Network PCI Card
Compaq HNE-300
Compex ReadyLink Express 10/10 Fast Ethernet Adapter
Conceptronics CSP100TCL
D-Link DFE-538TX 10/100 Adapter
DFE-530TX+ (Rev.D2)
SN5200 Fast Ethernet Adapter
Edimax EN9130 Fast Ethernet Adapter
10/100M Fast Ethernet Adapter EN9130TXA
Encore ENL832-TX+
Fujitsu Ltd Lifebook Series Notebooks
Gigabyte GA-6VEML Mainboard
Hawking Technology PN102TX 10/100 PNP PCI Network Adapter
Kingston EtheRX PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter (KNE120TX)
KTI KF-230TX(/2) Fast Ethernet Adapter
KYE Genius GF100TXR Series
Longshine LCS-8038TX
Nortel Networks 10/100BaseTX
OvisLink Fast Ethernet Adapter 10/100Mbps, LFE-8139(/A/H)TX
Peppercon ROL/F-100
Ruby Tech Corp FE-1439TX Fast Ethernet Adapter
Siemens 1020 PCI NIC
Standard Microsystems Corp SMC EZ Card 10/100 (SMC1211TX)
Surecom EP-320X-R/R-1/R-1L 100/10M PCI Adapter
UNEX Technology Corp ND010 Fast Ethernet Adapter

Manufacturers/Vendors of the CardBus card


PCI numbers

Knonw and supported by rtsnd.os2 PCI vendor/device numbers are:
10EC/8139 common pci card
10EC/8138 CardBus (presumely obsolete)
018A/0106 LevelOne FPC-0106Tx
021B/8139 Compaq HNE-300
02AC/1012 Siemens 1012v2 CardBus
1113/1211 Accton EN1207D/EN2242A
1186/1300 D-Link DFE-530TX+
1186/1340 D-Link DFE-690TXD CardBus
1259/A117 Allied Telesyn 8139 CardBus
126C/1211 Nortel Networks 10/100BaseTX
13D1/AB06 Edimax EP-4103DL CardBus
1432/9130 Siemens 1020 PCI NIC
14EA/AB06 Planex FNW-3603-TX 10/100 CardBus
14EA/AB07 Planex FNW-3800-TX 10/100 CardBus
1500/1360 Delta Electronics
1688/0130 D-Link DFE-538TX 10/100
1743/8139 Peppercon ROL/F-100
4033/1360 Addtron

Ethernet IDs

The leading 6 digits of the Ethernet-ID (also known as MAC address) points to the vendor. known used values are:
0000E8------ Accton Technology Corp.
000244------ Surecom Technology Co.
0004A7------ FabiaTech Corporation
00055D------ D-Link Systems, Inc.
000D61------ Giga-Byte Technology Co., Ltd.
001060------ Billionton Systems, Inc. (Sitecom?)
00304F------ PLANET Technology Corporation
003084------ Allied Telesym International Corporation
0030BD------ Belkin Components
004005------ ANI Communications Inc. (D-Link)
0040F4------ Cameo Communications, Inc. (Mentor-card!)
004F4E------ OvisLink
005022------ Zonet Technology, Inc.
0050BA------ D-Link
0050BF------ Mototech Inc-Accton Technology Corp
0050FC------ Edimax Technology Co., LTD.
008048------ Compex Incorporated
00C0DF------ KYE Systems Corp.
00E029------ Standard Microsystems Corp
00E04C------ Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
00E07D------ Netronix, Inc.

performance settings

Here is sample output of NetIO; using a PCI card in a desktop (AMD K6/200 with VIA chipset) connected over a crosslink cat5 cable with an CardBus card in an notebook (Intel PIII-500 with Intel chipset):

NETIO - Network Throughput Benchmark, Version 1.23
(C) 1997-2003 Kai Uwe Rommel

TCP connection established.
Packet size  1k bytes:  8866 KByte/s Tx,  11176 KByte/s Rx.
Packet size  2k bytes:  9828 KByte/s Tx,  11309 KByte/s Rx.
Packet size  4k bytes:  10479 KByte/s Tx,  11071 KByte/s Rx.
Packet size  8k bytes:  11322 KByte/s Tx,  11103 KByte/s Rx.
Packet size 16k bytes:  11302 KByte/s Tx,  11339 KByte/s Rx.
Packet size 32k bytes:  11292 KByte/s Tx,  10935 KByte/s Rx.

more than one card in one machine

When you install more than one supported card into a machine the driver will ask during boot which one it has to use. You should assign the cards with protocol.ini settings, use MPTS to edit. Either you store the Ethernet-ID to search for:

  EtherID = @0040F45D695B

or you specify the PCI address of the socket where the card sits:

  BUSNO = 0

If you have more informations, please share them with me. Helpful would be to also send \ibmcom\lantran.log to me.